Rebecca Bartlett has practiced her psychic abilities for twenty five years. She has a successful professional integrative psychic business of personal and telephone readings with clients throughout the United States. She has published articles in an Indianapolis magazine and presented on radio shows. She studied at Indiana University and in Greece. She attended a training workshop by Russell Targ, Ph.D, a pioneer in the development of the laser and co-founder of the Stanford Research Institute's investigation into applications of psychic functioning, sponsored by the Rhine Research Center on the campus of Duke in North Carolina. She is the author of “The Gentle Messenger,” an autobiography that traces her discovery of her abilities and how her career has developed, including many touching as well as humorous experiences before and during her professional practice. 


My psychic practice has the mission of assisting clients to uncover ad resolve health, relationship, career and emotional issues as well as to discover precise information about those around themselves. I specialize in one-on-one private, in person, or telephone sessions consisting of interaction between the psychic and the client without the use of any props or sale of products. I'm available for corporate consulting on personnel, projects, and potential issues.



“Rebecca was very serious, yet unyieldingly caring when I met her in person; I liked that about my visit with her. More importantly, she simultaneously conveyed a sense of humility and confidence. She was almost 100% accurate with my medical history. A rather impressive feat. Also, Rebecca was able to hone in on my personality and help me think about what I should be doing with my life. Overall, I enjoyed my visit with her and felt like I learned a lot (and one can never learn too much). And, she confirmed some of what I suspected to be true. I would certainly recommend an appointment (or two!) with Rebecca for those who sometimes feel like they are lost in the world.”

University Professor

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The Psychic Next Door     Written for the front page of the “Indiana Daily Student” by Danielle Paquette:

A friend’s dare brought junior Nicole Aders to psychic Rebecca Bartlett. Curiosity anchored her to stay for a session, though she was skeptical and terrified. She sat erect and drew quick breaths – in and out, in and out – as though she sprinted up the steps and down the blank, gray corridor to Bartlett’s office. It was a rainy Friday, and water drops speckled the surface of her suede boots.

“Try to relax,” Bartlett said. “You need to unwind. Calm down for me.”

Aders said she was calm, really. She thought she’d try to forget her business student rationality and open her mind to a realm beyond economics, accounting and basic understanding...



my book


Have you ever awoken with a sense of uneasiness that something was going to go wrong that day? That is essentially the story of my life. I can feel the future. The first prophecy I remember? Knowing the last name of my future fiancé. It happened while I was walking on my way to kindergarten. 

            I appreciated an unmistakable sense of something very pure and powerful giving me that insight. What some might relate to as a “gut” sensation was for me very matter-of-factly an all-over knowingness. There was no questioning, just the acceptance of a certain sort of telepathic engagement as another avenue of acquiring knowledge...   

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This work entails great amounts of concentrated energy on my part and requires a recovery period. I offer a payment schedule based on my clients’ income levels. The fee is the same for in-person or telephonic readings.

Rates are based on income level so that my talents are available to all:

  • People of modest means are offered a reduced rate: $150/hr
  • People who make an average income: $200/hr
  • People who are fortunate: $325/hr


With Rebecca money is not a consideration... we can spend a hundred dollars on a nice dinner which stays with us for only a few hours... but my session with Rebecca is still with me even today...  and in some ways changed my life, in positive ways, forever.”
Don Markus
Chicago, IL


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Step 3: Expect a call at your scheduled time and enjoy the experience of Rebecca's incredible talents. If you're new to Rebecca and would like additional information on how to prepare for you session please visit the How to Prepare page.